Who am I?

Certified Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Counselor, I am at your service, combining my knowledge and experience with dogs to my training as an adult educator as well as my past experience in customer support that taught me to truly hear the client, identify the needs and find appropriate and individualized solutions.
Vinciane de Bruyne

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« A rare combination of calm, professionalism, discretion, modesty, multiple languages spoken, and above all a true passion for dogs…you will easily see that’s not a business for her, but more a true benefit for us, for you… »

Eduard C.Chambésy

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Relevant and verified skills

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To me, training a « good » dog is empowering them with the skills they need to adapt to and feel at ease in their environment. A dog who understands their environment, has learned what is expected of them, and can handle it in a laid back and confident manner is a great dog to live with. This is built through training, respecting needs, building trust and nurturing two-way communication.

Invest today in the dog you want tomorrow !

Behavior Counseling

Why does my dog react in this manner? How can I help him manage this or that situation better? What do I need to be careful about to avoid this or that problem in the future? How can I change my dog’s behavior?

When the everyday becomes complicated don’t hesitate, solutions are at hand!

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs can’t stand to stay home alone. This stress can sometimes lead to barking or howling, destruction, soiling, or even self-harming behaviors. This can turn into a nightmare for both the dog and the owners, who often feel dismayed.

Recover your freedom without sacrificing their well being!