Starter Pack

A head start for life’s adventures

Why a specific pack ?

Those people who think ahead to prepare for a dog’s arrival and realize how important it is to start off with the best tools possible are dear to my heart. All my clients are precious, but having the opportunity to intervene in the very first weeks of a dog arriving into their new home brings a special satisfaction.

The first weeks after a puppy arrives are essential for building their vision of the world around them, it’s a time in which puppies learn quickly, and a time that can prove to be a turning point for the dog’s future, their confidence, and their behavioral developement.

What is the coaching about ?

The starter pack consists of 8 weekly individual coaching sessions. During those session, we will focus on essential life skills; beyond sit and down, we will work on attention, self-confidence, building a strong bond, being able to handle the world that surrounds them, to manage their impulsions and sort out little behaviors that are as natural as they are inadequate when you live with humans… In short, we’ll focus on having a puppy that’s comfortable with themselves, with you, and with the world around them.

The fist sessions will be in-home then, once we have the basics down, we’ll go explore the city, the forest, and the other things that are part of your world, of their world.

Eligibility requirements

The price of the Starter Pack is willfully kept low as a personal and ethical choice, thus access to this service is tied to two nonnegotiable requirements:
The starter pack must be activate before or withing 1 week of the dog’s arrival in the home.
People using the starter pack for a puppy commit to also visiting a puppy course in the club canine school of their choice (over the same period), so as to foster the puppy’s socialization with other dogs and with strangers in a safe environment.

How much does it cost ?

The Starter Pack costs 250.-, plus travel fee (except Nyon district).
The 8 sessions are generally to be scheduled within the 3 first months of the dog’s arrival.






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