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We are primates, dogs are canids.
This seems very basic, but it is sometimes helpful to remember that we do not function or communicate the same way.
These differences are made evident in everyday life, when we watch in horror as our little friend delights himself with fresh poop or when she sneezes and turns away in disgust from the perfume we put on to smell nice; when we give them entire pep talks while they only grasp an infinite part of the sounds we emit or when they desperately sending us signals that are as obvious to them as they are irrelevant to us.
Each one needs to invest efforts into getting to know and understanding the other one, it is really the only way to create a harmonious synergy.

A behavior problem is often a totally natural behavior from the canid point of view, that is however undesirable from the human perspective. The way to move forward is to understand the need that is hidden behind the behavior, to change the emotion tied to it, to find an appropriate way for the need to be met, and/or to teach the dog how we would like them to act in that particular situation.

Don’t let yourself get sucked down a spiral of tension and conflict, restore peace of mind to your home!
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