Further Education

Seminars and Training Courses

2020 Separation Anxiety Certification Program Malena DeMartini
Behavior analysis, problems and pathologies, common medication Dr. Joël Dehasse
Aggression in Dogs Master Course Michael Shikashio
2019 Canine separation anxiety, fear and stress in dogs Claudine Prudhomme
Providing First Aid for dogs and cats Valérie Simiot
Training and enrichment in shelter environments Jean Lessard
Training and modifying behaviors (as assistant) Jean Lessard
Shaping behaviors Kay Laurence
Workshop on reactivity towards dogs and/or humans Jérémy Sérindat
FECC – Instruction course on dog training and behavior as assistant
Jean Lessard
2018 Separation Anxiety: Mission Possible! Malena DeMartini
Introduction to Mantrailing Henny Martinoni
What is your dog saying? An ethological approach to communication Dr. Charlotte Duranton
Canine Fitness (host+translator) Lori Stevens
Conference (participant and translator)
Dr. Clive Winne, Dr. Monique Udell, Dr. Charlotte Duranton, Dr. Alexandra Protopopova,
Dr. Lisa Gunter, Dr. Erica Feuerbacher, Dr. Simon Gadbois
DogEvent Science 2018
2017 Canine ethology masterclass Dr. Charlotte Duranton
Behavioral Medicine Dr. Karen Overall
Training and modifying behaviors Jean Lessard
Conference (participant and translator)
Chirag Patel, Lori Stevens, Nancy Tucker, Emily Larlham,
Denise Fenzi, Nando Brown, Jo-Rosie Haffenden, Jean Lessard
DogEvent 2018
Chirag Patel, Sarah Whitehead, Alexandra Kurland, Steve Martin, Kay Laurence, Susan Schneider,
Clive D. L. Wynne, Theresa McKeon, Susan Friedman, Pam Mackinnon, Jean Donaldson, Bob Bailey
WOOF 2017
2016 Canine behavior counseling session: model and sequence of a consultation Jean Lessard
Summer Training Camp (participant and translator)
Behavior analysis and modification, in theory and practice with chicken and dogs. 6-day workshop
Dr. Susan G. Friedman
Chirag Patel
Practical Puppy Instructors Course Chirag Patel
Conference (participant and translator)
Dr. Clive Wynne, Ken McCort, Dr. Jean Dodds,
Dr. Antoine Bouvresse, Dr. Thierry Bedossa, Charlotte Duranton
DogEvent 2016
2015 Living and Learning with Animals – the science and technology of behavioral modification Dr Susan G. Friedman
“Advanced” clicker training Jean Lessard
Training and enrichment (for dogs) in Shelters Jean Lessard
Conference (participant and translator)
Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao,
Jo-Rosie Haffenden, Chirag Patel, Joey Iversen
DogEvent 2015
2014 BAT Instructor course: Behavior Adjustment Training
for aggression, fear and frustrationen cas de réactions d’agressivité, de peur et de frustration
Grisha Stewart
Training is… 5-day workshop with dogs showing different problematic challenges
from hyperexcitability to dog reactivity or the perfecting of sport-related behaviors
Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
Seminar on BAT for puppies and adult dogs :
Prevention and rehabilitation of aggression, fear and frustration
Grisha Stewart
2013 Substitute activities and cooperative management for hunt motivated dogs Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
Using target behaviors for the modification of problem behaviors Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
Learning and training – anticipating and managing in a sovereign manner Silvia Peter Pfister
Managing noise and storm phobias, isolation distress Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
TTouch® for dogs foundation course Lisa Leicht
2012 Approach and methods for modifying behavior Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
Difficult meetings, passing dogs on every day walks Ursula Schöb
Managing and channeling hunting instincts Irene Julius
Enriching and managing your dog walks Irene Julius
Training and characteristics of puppies and adolescent dogs Gabriela Capraro
Learning and training – every day exercises Silvia Peter Pfister
Canine communication and body language Dr. Joachim Leidhold
2010 Canissimo workshop on building trust and complicity Yannick Thoulon