Who am I

My journey

As a Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant, I have had the priviledge to coach clients from all walks of life for the last 10 years. Through experience and further education, I have gained the competence and skill to guide you in the training of our four-legged friends.

1.Building a team
2.Working together to reach a common goal, to face a challenge or overcome a problem

Teaming up is more than just a name, it’s a concept that really expresses my vision for dog training, and for living with a dog in general: it’s about getting to know and understand our dogs, using their strength and allowing them their weaknesses, creating a synergy and building a relationship based on solid trust to team up in everyday life.


My guiding principles

Custom-fit and efficient training, that respects both the human and the dog and takes the needs of all involved into account

Continuous further education to offer you the best quality coaching possible

Accreditation to trusted organisms that ensure accountability and give you clear expectations on my work ethics and the upkeep of my competencies


Further Education

Whatever your expertise, further education is essential to fine-tune one’s skills and to stay ahead of the most up-to-date knowledge in the field. Each speaker and trainer I have had the privilege to learn from is part of my identity as a trainer, and with an average of 15 days of further education a year, the panel of these precious teachers is both extensive and multi-faceted. I have had the privilege to rub shoulders with renown experts in the fields of dog training and behavior studies, and my objective is to pass on the gems that they shared with me.


Certifications and Specialties


Dog Trainer specializing in Dog Behavoir Counseling, I am certified as State Accredited Dog Trainer (2013) and also hold a Diploma in Animal Psychology with specialization in Dog Behavior Counseling (2012).


Accredited Dog Trainer for the states of Geneva and Vaud, I am qualified to give dog training classes, prepare and dispense the TMC (Behavior and Mastery Test, GE) , give the mandatory courses required for breeds listed as potentially dangerous (VD) as well as to give courses required by the cantonal veterinarian office.


As a Certified BAT Instructor, I have the skills and experience to coach you for changing the behavior of dogs who react negatively to humans, other dogs or even innate objects, whether their reaction is linked to aggression, fear, over-excitement or frustration.


As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, I have been trained specifically to guide you through the process of desensitizing dogs exhibiting stress- or anxiety-related problems when they are left being alone.


Living and Learning with animals, taught by Dr Susan G. Friedman, has allowed me to strengthen my mastery of the scientific aspects behind learning and behavior change.



Aggression in Dogs Master’s Course (Michael Shikashio)
FECC – Canine Training and Behavior (Jean Lessard)
Practical Puppy Instructor Course (Chirag Patel)




As a Canine Training Professional affiliated to the Pet Professional Guild, I am committed to supporting you with efficiency and ethics, using methods based on current scientific knowledge and respect for both human and the canine learners.